All players and managers in the 32 clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan went through two different educations ahead of the season start. One in anti-match-fixing and one in responsible gambling. Both courses are developed together with Swedish Professional Football League’s main partner Unibet.
“We take our responsibility by giving our players knowledge about what applies in matters of match-fixing but also how they set limits and keep track of their own gambling”, says Anders Wikström, responsible for integrity at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

In total, just under 1,000 players and leaders underwent the digital training. When it comes to gambling responsibility, Swedish Professional Football Leauges, in addition to Unibet, works together with the Swedish Football Association (SvFF), the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) and the police to prevent match-fixing. It is part of that responsibility that all players and leaders in the 32 men’s elite clubs must undergo training in responsible gambling.

Swedish Professional Football Leagues requires a 100% implementation rate so that everyone is informed about what rules exist and what applies. The clubs’ Integrity officers have ensured that the training is carried out in their respective clubs.

“We have a zero vision which means that zero percent of our income should come from unhealthy gambling and is a work that permeates our entire business, including our sponsorship with the clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan. In our collaboration with Swedish Professional Football Leagues, we have carried out a series of efforts to combat match-fixing and unhealthy gambling. The training is an important part of that. Here we want to strengthen the knowledge among the players and coaches in the elite clubs, who are partly a vulnerable target group and at the same time important role models for many others. We work for a sustainable gaming market, it is purposeful work where we together take responsibility and contribute to compliance with the rules”, says Anders Falk, sponsor manager at Unibet, who was involved in developing the training together with Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Even when it comes to anti-match fixing, Swedish Professional Football Leagues works closely with SvFF, RF and the police. The training in anti-match fixing is also digital.

One of all who has completed the training is Varberg’s BoIS Allsvenskan player Joakim Lindner.

“The education is an eye-opener. Gambling addiction and match-fixing are not new phenomenas, but when you go into depth like this, it opens up for more informed thinking and that you perceive signals more easily. The more players and leaders know and can, the more tools and training you get, the more we can influence”, says Joakim Lindner.

The work to curb match-fixing and to encourage playing responsibility continues continuously during the season.

Facts Integrity officer:
The respective Integrity Officer is responsible for the training being carried out in each club. The role of Integrity officer is part of the partnership between Svensk Professional Football Leagues and Unibet. It plays a key role in safeguarding the integrity of elite football in matters such as game responsibility and match-fixing. Each individual men’s club has an Integrity officer in its operations. This person, who is usually the sports manager in the clubs, thus becomes the link between the club, players and league in these matters. Each Integrity officer has received specific training for their role of responsibility.