The Swedish government announces that maximum attendance for public gatherings and public events will be possible from the 29th of September and that the distance requirements between seats and companies will be removed. This means that the stadiums in Allsvenskan and Superettan, based on experts and the doctor’s advice, will have the opportunity to have full stands this autumn.
– We are very happy The Swedish government has listened to us, and we are grateful for that, says Mats Enquist, Secretary General of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Fans are returning after 1.5 years without football The clubs as match organizers will do everything they can to continue to be responsible.

– This announcement does not mean that we let go of all thoughts of being a responsible organizer. We must take our responsibility. The difference is that the responsibility now falls on us without us having to wait for less accurate restrictions from the authorities, says Mats Enquist.

Foto: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN / Cop 89

– We will continue to work with our partner Pandemifonden. We will also take inspiration from FIFA and UEFA, other countries in Europe and the WHO. Together we will find a reasonable, safe and secure way of work.

The Swedish Government also announces that the Ministry of Social Affairs will look closer into how vaccination certificates can be used at large events. The idea is not that they should be used, but to be prepared in case of the restrictions have to be reintroduced.