Ahead of the season kickoff, all players and coaches from the 32 clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan have completed two distinct training programs: one focusing on anti-match-fixing measures and the other on responsible gambling. These training initiatives were developed by Swedish Elite Football in collaboration with the main partner of Swedish Professional Football Leagues, Unibet.

“These training programs aim to provide a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and rules surrounding match-fixing, as well as how individuals can establish boundaries for their own gambling activities,” stated Anders Wikström, Integrity Officer at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Conducted annually, these digital training sessions are integral components of the proactive integrity efforts within Swedish elite football. The responsibility for conducting these sessions lies with each club’s Integrity Officer, a role established through the partnership between Swedish Elite Football and Unibet.

In addition to Unibet, Swedish Professional Football Leagues collaborates with key stakeholders such as the Swedish Football Association (SvFF), the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF), and law enforcement agencies in promoting responsible gambling. The training in responsible gambling forms part of broader efforts to combat match-fixing and prevent mental health issues among players and coaches.

“Despite potential repetition for some individuals, we recognize the importance of conducting these training sessions before each new season. These are critical issues that remain relevant and require regular attention and discussion,” Wikström emphasized.

Regarding anti-match-fixing measures, Swedish Professional Football Leagues closely collaborates with SvFF, RF, and law enforcement agencies. This aspect of the training aims to deepen understanding of how match-fixing operates and what signs players or coaches should be vigilant about in addressing and preventing such issues.

Integrity Officer Fact: The role of Integrity Officer is an integral part of the partnership between Swedish Professional Football Leagues and Unibet. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity of elite football, particularly concerning issues of responsible gaming and match-fixing. Each elite club appoints an Integrity Officer within its organization. Typically, this individual, often the sports director of the club, acts as the liaison between the club, players, and the league on these matters. Every Integrity Officer receives specialized training tailored to their role of responsibility.