The 2023 summer break is upon us and the spectator numbers are excellent. There has been an 100,000 stadium visit increase for Allsvenskan and the Superettan compared to the previous season. And it is the second divison Superettan who increases the most. Now there is a chance that the total spectator record for both leagues combined can be broken.
“Many clubs continue to increase their attendance. Especially the clubs in Superettan are taking big steps forward regarding spectator recruitment”, says Ola Rydén, league manager at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

In 2022, the total attendance for Allsvenskan and Superettan together was 2,754,178. After twelve rounds played this year, the leagues has over 100,000 more arena visits more compared to the first twelve rounds of 2022. This means that if this year’s attendance trend continues, there is a chance that the total attendance record for Allsvenskan and Superettan can be beaten this year. The current attendance record (with 16 teams in the leagues) is from 2015 and stands at 2,781,702 spectators.

In this year’s total of 192 matches played in Allsvenskan and Superettan so far, the average attendance per match is 10,004 in Allsvenskan and 2,506 in Superettan. Allsvenskan has an audience of 960,432 over twelve rounds (the two matches from round 18 that are already played are not included), which are basically the same figures as after twelve rounds in 2022. The corresponding figure in Superettan is 240,646, an increase of 101,260 arena visits and a total of 72.5% compared to twelve rounds in 2022.

230606 Helsingborgs supportrar under fotbollsmatchen i Superettan mellan Helsingborg och Jönköpings Södra den 6 juni 2023 i Helsingborg. Foto: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / kod PA / PA0584

One explanation for the Superettan increase is that strong teams like GAIS and Helsingborgs IF are newcomers, but also that many of the clubs that have been in the league for a while have succeeded very well with their spectator recruitment. In addition to the mentioned two clubs, Östers IF, Örgryte IS, Örebro SK, Västerås SK and Landskrona BoIS are at the top of the attendance league in Superettan.

“There are many excellent attendance figures for many of the teams in Superettan this year. In addition to the clubs’ long-term hard work with audience recruitment, Superettan is also an exciting and uncertain league this year, and that obviously generates a lot of interest”, says Ola Rydén.

The highest attendance in Allsvenskan so far is the Stockholm derby between AIK and Hammarby, which attracted 41,142 spectators to Friends Arena in Solna. In Superettan, the Gothenburg derby between GAIS and Örgryte IS attracted the most people. 13,011 spectators watched that match at Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg.

A total of 269 goals have been scored in Allsvenskan so far (2.74 per match) and 251 in Superettan (2.61).

230531 Landskronas publik under fotbollsmatchen i Superettan mellan Landskrona och Trelleborg den 31 maj 2023 i Landskrona. Foto: Avdo Bilkanovic / BILDBYRÅN / COP 115 / AB0227

Spectators in Allsvenskan and Superettan combined:
2022: 2 754 178
2021: No attendance (covid-19)
2020: No attendance (covid-19)
2019: 2 587 790
2018: 2 568 392
2017: 2 678 800