With two rounds and 32 matches left to play in Allsvenskan and Superettan, it is already clear that the two leagues – together and in the current format – have reached a new attendance record. So far during the season, 2,829,275 spectators have been visiting the arenas, which is more than the previous record from 2015.

“From an early stage in the season, we could see indications that we were heading towards a good year in terms of attendance. However, setting a new record with 32 games still to play is extremely gratifying. The aim now is to reach three million spectators before the seasons ends”, says Ola Rydén, Head of League at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

During the 2015 season the games in Allsvenskan and Superettan attracted 2,781,702 spectators. Up until now, that was the highest total attendance for the two leagues ever since the introduction of the current format with 16 teams. Ahead of this weekend’s matches the total attendance for 2023 was 2,731,323 spectators, and thanks to the nearly 100,000 spectators who visited the games during the 28th round a new attendance record have been reached.

Of the 2,829,275 arena visits this year, Allsvenskan accounts for 2,250,832. However, the joint audience record is largely explained by the positive attendance development in Superettan. The 578,443 arena visits recorded during this year’s Superettan season shows an increase of approximately 70 percent compared to last year’s season. One explanation behind the increase in attendance in Superettan is that teams such as Helsingborgs IF and GAIS – number one and number two in the attendance league – are new in the league.

In addition to the total attendance record, there is also the possibility that Allsvenskan will have an attendance average of over 10,000 visitors per match, which has also not happened since the 16-team system was introduced.

“With two rounds left to play, the attendance average per game is 10,048. Taking into consideration that we still have an interesting title race, as well as an even battle to avoid relegation, we think that we will be able to keep the average attendance per game above 10 000 people”, says Ola Rydén.

Among the clubs in Allsvenskan, AIK has had the best attendance year during the 2023 season, with an attendance average per game of 25,840 spectators. The highest attendance average for a club in Allsvenskan is held by Hammarby, who during the 2022 season attracted an average of 26,372 spectators to their home games.

Previous total attendance for Allsvenskan and Superettan:

2023 (two rounds remaining): 2,829,275
2022: 2,754,178
2021: Limited audience due to the pandemic
2020: No audience due to the pandemic
2019: 2,587,790
2018: 2,568,392
2017: 2,678,800
2016: 2,190,396