Allsvenskan Fantasy sets a new record. For the first time, the game has over 50,000 registered users.
“50,000 is a milestone that we have long aimed to surpass, so it’s incredibly exciting. Now we’re aiming for the next milestone, which is 100,000,” says Adam Kalin, responsible for Allsvenskan Fantasy at the Swedish Elite Football.

The total number of registered users is 52,500. An increase of 28% compared to 2023.

“It’s clear that the interest in Allsvenskan Fantasy increases every year, and there are good conditions for the concept to grow even more in the coming years. Besides being a fun competition where you have the chance to show your friends who knows the most about Allsvenskan, it’s also an incentive to find excitement in matches in Allsvenskan that you might not have followed otherwise because your favorite team isn’t playing,” says Adam Kalin.

Allsvenskan Fantasy is about choosing 15 players for your team and hoping that your players perform well during the season. Few will come closer to training a dream team of Allsvenskan than this.

To play Allsvenskan Fantasy, you need a Football Account. With a Football Account, you can not only play Allsvenskan Fantasy but also access content from the clubs and the league on You can also buy tickets and manage them in your club app or Allsvenskan Live.