The most beloved league in Sweden turns 100 years old in 2024 and it will be celebrated in the best way. During the coming year, Swedish Professional Football Leagues has planned a series of different activities and events planned to celebrate the Allsvenskan as a centenarian, where the history has a big place.

Allsvenskan’s very first season was played in 1924. One hundred years later – in 2024 – Sweden’s most popular league celebrates its 100th anniversary.

“The idea is that the centenary should run like a common thread throughout the next year and be constantly present. It’s about everything from exposure with a new logo, in arenas and on social channels, to us making an impact in history”, says Johan Lindvall, general secretary of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Among other things, a completely new logo has been developed for Allsvenskan 100 years. The logo shows the Allsvenskan together with the years 1924-2024, surrounded by a laurel wreath in gold.

The exact content of Allsvenskan 100 years will be published and reported at the beginning of 2024.

“One thing that has been discussed is this with commemorative shirts where the clubs at a selected time during the season play in a retro shirt, but what has been decided and what exactly will happen during the year I cannot go into now. You can wait a little longer, but we will have a series of activities and activations throughout the coming year”, concludes Johan Lindvall.

Football began to be played at the end of the 19th century in Sweden. Before the name change to Allsvenskan, Sweden’s highest league was called the Swedish Series. A total of 67 clubs have played in the Allsvenskan throughout all 100 years. 16 of them have since the start become champions.