Next matchday, all matches in Belgian football will start with a minute’s silence, in honor of the two Swedish football fans who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in Brussels. 
This means Belgian football joins forces with Swedish minute of silence which now will take place at both Belgian and Swedish football grounds

“The Belgian federation and Belgian supporters has showed us great support already since the tragic events that occurred on Monday evening. We receive the Belgian gesture of joining us in our grief with great gratitude and appreciation”, says Håkan Sjöstrand, CEO of the Swedish Football Association.

“There are no words that can describe our sadness from what happened in Brussels. There are no winners in this. We are grateful for the support shown by the Belgian Pro League and their colleagues. Football comes together and acts as a unifying force in moments like these”, says Johan Lindvall, CEO of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

“The attack on 2 Swedish football fans Monday 16 October shocked the entire football world. Even in turbulent and uncertain times, our sport has always brought together people from all over the world. To highlight the unity of the international football community, a minute of silence will be held next matchday on Belgian and Swedish football fields. With this gesture we want to express our solidarity with the affected supporters and their families and with all innocent victims of current conflicts and violence”, says Lorin Pays, CEO for Belgian Pro League.

“Monday 16 October is etched in our memory as the day that football was struck in its heart, but also as the day that rivalry gave way to unity and togetherness.”, says Manu Leroy, CEO ai of the Royal Belgian FA. “The match was stopped, but the grief will be carried forever. That is why this coming weekend we want to show our Swedish friends that we support them, and help carry their loss. Because precisely that is the power of football: bringing people together, across borders.”

We thank football fans in Sweden, Belgium and worldwide for joining us in this moment.