After more than 11 years in his post, Mats Enquist announces that he is stepping down as general secretary of Swedish Professional Football Leagues (SEF) in connection with the annual meeting at the end of March 2023.

“Already when Lars-Christer Olsson stepped down as chairman, Mats announced that he was going to step down within two years. That time has come. Mats will step down in connection with the annual meeting in March, says Simon Åström”, chairman of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

SEF’s board is leading the work to find a new general secretary. Until then, work will continue with the current organization based on the strategies that are in place.

“The time has come to step down. I have given everything I could in this role, but every journey has an end and now it is time for someone else to take over”, says Mats Enquist.

Although Mats will step down from his post after the first quarter of 2023, he will remain in a senior advisor role to support the board and the new general secretary during a transition period.

“During Mats time at SEF, he has been involved in building a modern and professional organization that has contributed to the revenue multiplying. The collaboration with our supporters has been central and Allsvenskan has gone from a fairly worrying market position to now being Sweden’s most popular league by far, with new audience and interest records. He has navigated SEF through many challenges and ensured that we had a strong development. Mats will leave a big void behind him when he leaves. Therefore, it feels good that we secured his experience and competence as a senior advisor to ensure a good transition to the new management of SEF”, says Simon Åström and continues.

“We are now starting the work of recruiting our next general secretary who, together with the board, colleagues and our associations, will drive SEF’s continued development. The board has a meeting next week and will then inform more about the upcoming process”.

Mats began his work at Swedish Professional Football Leagues in 2012. Under his leadership, SEF has grown from approximately SEK 270 million to approximately SEK 850 million in turnover and become the organization it is today, where SEF has also gained ground in several positions outside the football field.

In 2023, Mats Enquist will be thanked for his efforts for elite football in Sweden.