Swedish Professional Football Leagues are pleased to announce the extension of the collaboration with Goalunit for ‘Project 500’ throughout 2024. Project 500 aims to annually increase the clubs within Swedish Professional Football Leagues collective transfer revenues by SEK 500 million.

In 2022 and 2023, the highest transfer revenues ever within Swedish football were generated, indicating that the project is on the right track. Goalunit supports Swedish Professional Football League in Project 500 by analyzing sports and financial data from football clubs and leagues worldwide, providing these analyses as a basis for strategic decision-making within Swedish football clubs.

Svante Samuelsson, Sports Director at Swedish Professional Football Leagues, oversees the work and collaboration between Swedish Professional Football Leagues and Goalunit and Project 500:

“We look forward to an exciting and successful year in 2024 with Project 500 and the collaboration between the Swedish Professional Football Leagues and Goalunit. To develop our clubs, it is crucial that we continually gain knowledge and insight into how international elite football is evolving, and with that support, create long-term and sustainable strategies.”

For more information about Project 500, please contact:
Svante Samuelsson, Swedish Professional Football Leagues

Caesar Gezelius, Goalunit