Swedish Professional Football Leagues has partnered with Spiideo since 2017 and the system has become a natural part of the daily work with video analysis and player development for the clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan. For the 2024 season, the collaboration is expanded to include the teams in the P19 and P17 Allsvenskan.

“Working with video analysis has become and continues to become an increasingly important part of the academies’ everyday life. There has been a great demand for a central video platform on the academy side and we are very pleased that the expanded collaboration with Spiideo gives us just that opportunity”, says Svante Samuelsson, Sporting Director at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The video platform Spiideo Perform will in 2024 include a so-called League Exchange for the P19 and P17 Allsvenskan, which means that the technology will also be available on the academy side. It enables the clubs to watch video from the matches in the respective series via Spiideo’s cloud platform. All match situations are tagged using Spiideo’s AutoData, allowing coaches to produce real-time clips and match reviews for both tactical adjustments and player development. 

“The Swedish academies are crucial for Swedish football to continue to develop in a positive direction and we are pleased to be able to offer the teams in the P19 and P17 Allsvenskan the same opportunities and conditions for effective analysis work that exist in the top-tier at Allsvenskan and Superettan”, says Patrik Olsson, CEO and co-founder at Spiideo.

Spiideo’s system is structured in such a way that the cameras cover the pitch from several angles. Using AI technology, the cameras automatically record the entire pitch from a match or a training session, and the coaching team can watch different sequences or positioning from different angles of the pitch in real time on their computer or tablet. The footage can be zoomed in, or out, and can be paused, replayed or clipped – and then instantly jump back to the present at any time.

“We are very happy and proud of our expanded collaboration with SEF. Already today, Allvenskan and Superettan are at the forefront of the world from a technology perspective, with automated video for analysis from all matches. The fact that SEF chooses to give the academies the same resources creates fantastic opportunities for the future of Swedish football. The combination of video and data is the key to both analyzing performance and driving development of both players and coaches”, Patrik Olsson at Spiideo continues.

Ahead of the 2022 season, Spiideo also initiated cooperation with Elitfotboll Dam (EFD), which means that their cameras are now also installed at all arenas in OBOS Damallsvenskan. Within Swedish football, the elite is thus included on both the men’s and women’s side and now also the academies and clubs in the P19 and P17 Allsvenskan.

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Svante Samuelsson
Sporting Director, Swedish Professional Football Leagues
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Niklas Bergdahl, Spiideo
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