The Swedish Football Supporter’s Union (SFSU) and Swedish Professional Football Leagues (SEF) held a strategy day to discuss guidelines regarding the cooperation of the supporters. During the meeting, the goal from 2019 was discussed – namely how to become Europe’s best supporter cooperation.

In 2019, SEF and SFSU developed a unique initiative within Swedish elite football. The idea was concretised in a common goal – namely how to create Europe’s best supporter cooperation. However, whit the pandemic arriving the following year, the initiative was forced to be put on hold.

“We are happy that we have had the opportunity to meet the new board of SFSU to present our activities and joint focus areas. It is hugely important for us to collaborate with the supporter union. We need a close collaboration to push our common issues forward”, says Kaveh Sarvari, Events and Private Marketing Manager at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

During the strategy day, both sides went through the main areas of the set goal – how to create the best supporter dialogue in Europe.

“The focus is to develop the role of the Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO). We want to provide a great experience for our supporters and enhance the commitment through associational democracy”, continues Kaveh.

Both sides agreed that the collaboration with the Football Supporter’s Union would continue during the autumn. The meetings will also take place more frequently in the future.

“There is an incredible power within the Swedish football community. It shows when we collaborate and work in the same direction. SFSU sees great opportunities to find ways to enhance the positive supporter culture together with SEF. Historically, we have had a good dialogue and we look forward to our collaboration during the coming years”, says Isak Edén, chairman of SFSU.

The next meeting will take place at the beginning of 2023.