The very first matches in Allsvenskan were played on August 3, 1924. To celebrate and honor the start of Allsvenskan 100 years ago, two full rounds of Allsvenskan 2024 – rounds 19 and 20 – will be so-called anniversary rounds where the clubs in Allsvenskan are asked to play in retro jerseys to celebrate the history.

Each Allsvenskan club will play a home match during round 19 or 20. The clubs themselves decide whether they want to produce a retro jersey and if so, which retro jersey they want to play in. The clubs also handle the communication around this themselves. The idea is that each home team plays in their jersey but if they want to, and if the colors of the opponent allow it, they can also play the away match in this round in the retro jersey.

“The anniversary rounds will be a central part of the centennial celebration and we hope that as many clubs as possible choose to produce a retro jersey. We are incredibly proud of our history and it will be very exciting to see which seasons and eras the clubs choose to highlight through their jerseys”, says Johan Lindvall, Secretary General of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The matches in the rounds are not yet scheduled but will be played on the weekends of August 18 and 25.

At you can read about the records, moments, legends, and much more from Allsvenskan’s 100-year history.

Allsvenskan – 100 years of football. For real.