The premiere of Allsvenskan and Superettan is approaching, and in the coming weeks, the Swedish Professional Football Leagues will visit several elite clubs to jointly discuss important issues, opportunities, and challenges for the upcoming season.
“Together with the clubs, we need to discuss how we can best create a positive and sustainable culture around our events,” says Johan Lindvall, Secretary-General of the Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The 2023 season resulted in a new joint attendance record for Allsvenskan and Superettan, and both leagues achieved their highest average attendance ever since the introduction of a 16-team series. Despite the positive development, the 2023 season unfortunately saw an increased number of serious disturbances at Swedish arenas across the country.

The focus of the conversations and workshops planned by the Swedish Professional Football Leagues during the club visits will revolve around common core value issues, with a specific focus on disturbances and different signaling values.

“We enter this work with a season that was, to say the least, unique. While the leagues broke attendance records one after another, we cannot ignore the fact that we had several incidents that are simply unacceptable. Together with the clubs, we need to discuss how we can best create a positive and sustainable culture around our events,” says Johan Lindvall.

Johan Lindvall, Secretary-General of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Initially, eight clubs will be visited before the start of the season. Through workshops and open discussions, the parties will work together to identify common values and goals. The setup aims to strengthen cohesion within professional football and create a healthier and more positive environment for all involved. The meetings and discussions will involve both club staff and player squads.

“We have a fantastic supporter culture in both our leagues, but we also need to continue discussing the challenges we face related to certain individuals’ behaviors and, ultimately, step up efforts to address and prevent the issues. If we can stand even more firmly in our values together with the clubs, we will be better equipped to handle behaviors and consequences arising from various incidents,” concludes Lindvall.

Over the past year, the Swedish Professional Football Leagues have engaged in intensive dialogue with the government, the Police Authority, and SFSU (Swedish Football Supporters’ Union) related to the atmosphere and security situation at Swedish football arenas. The club visits ahead of the season start are another step towards ensuring that Swedish professional football continues to grow and develop in a positive direction.