From 2024, IK Oddevold and Sandvikens IF are newcomers in Swedish elite football. During the week, both of the upcoming Superettan clubs received a new club introduction at the office of Swedish Professional Football Leagues in Solna.
“There is quite a lot to think about as a new club in elite football”, says Johan Lindvall, general secretary of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The new club introduction is carried out so that the new clubs in the elite have as painless an onboarding as possible in their new life within Swedish Professional Football Leagues (SEF).

“It is an honor geting to know our new member clubs, we also see a great benefit in gathering the clubs in our office to welcome them to SEF and to show how we work and what is expected of the clubs. The clubs are getting a brand new costume that they need to be able to handle in the best way”, says Johan Lindvall.

For IK Oddevold, it is the first time since 1997 that the club plays in the country’s second highest league.

“We received a very professional treatment from SEF, where we received a lot of information that is very beneficial for us in our work going forward”, says Daniel Vilhelmsson, club manager in IK Oddevold.

In Sandvikens IF’s case, the club has not belonged to the country’s second series since 1991.

“We were very satisfied with the introduction and received a warm welcome and good information. Now we are going home to the chamber and familiarize ourselves with everything to be ready for Swedish elite football for a long time to come. Nice to be back after many long years”, says Anders Eriksson, club manager in Sandvikens IF.

Superettan 2024 begins at the turn of the month March-April 2024.