Staff from the Swedish Professional Football Leagues recently visited the television rights holder for Allsvenskan and Superettan, Warner Bros. Discovery, to discuss common challenges ahead of the season and to discuss the current state of security issues. The meeting led to many fruitful discussions.

“We usually have a small kickoff meeting with our TV rights holder before the season, and now it was convenient to do it in connection with Discovery’s own kickoff,” says Johan Lindvall, Secretary General of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Approximately 50 people from Warner Bros. Discovery’s broadcasts of Allsvenskan and Superettan, including TV commentators, experts, and studio staff, were present in Stockholm.

“We took the opportunity to discuss the security situation ahead of the season, how we will work with it this year, what we consider in our own communication, and we also listened to the questions raised by the Discovery staff. It is important for us that they feel safe in the arenas across the country. We also took the opportunity to mention the 100th anniversary of Allsvenskan,” says Johan Lindvall.

Warner Bros. Discovery appreciates the regular check-ins between the parties.

“We believe it is important to listen to what is happening from the league’s perspective and for our staff to have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the league. This is to learn and understand the thoughts and decisions behind what happens during a football match, for example, why there is a match meeting. We all benefit from good and close dialogue,” says Pär Andersson, Football Director at Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Allsvenskan and Superettan 2024 season kicks off on Saturday, March 30.