The main partner of Swedish elite football Unibet has during the year donated a total of SEK 240,000 to the winners of Player of the Month and Coach of the Month in Allsvenskan and Superettan. The players and coaches have in turn donated the money to various community engagements that their clubs run or are involved in.

“The player and coach of the month is not only a prestigious award, it also makes a difference in the social projects that receive the winnings. The fact that we at Unibet can participate and annually donate an extra SEK 240,000 to the clubs’ various commitments that they work with, of course, feels great. After all, the prize itself is a nice award for the players and coaches who win, especially when the supporters are there to vote. This year, the votes from the supporters have increased by roughly 20 percent from last year”, says Ander Falk, sponsor manager at Unibet.

Every month Unibet donates SEK 10,000 each to the winners of Player of the Month and Coach of the Month in Allsvenskan and Superettan. The winnings are earmarked to be donated to a community engagement in which the club is involved in one way or another.

The prizes have been awarded on six occasions during the season, which means that Unibet, together with the winners, has contributed a total of SEK 240,000 to some of Swedish elite football’s social engagements.

Player of the month and coach of the month in Allsvenskan and Superettan are appointed by Swedish Professional Football Leagues in collaboration with Unibet. The award goes to the player and coach who made the best lasting sporting impression in the last month.

Each winner receives SEK 10,000 each from elite football’s main sponsor Unibet to donate to a community involvement club.

Player of the Month and Coach of the Month are appointed six times per league during 2023. All 16 team captains or head coaches sit on the jury, depending on the award, as well as sports journalists from the national media and from local media in the communities where the Allsvenskan or Superettan is played.

Each month, the jury votes for three finalists for the award. Supporters then have the opportunity to vote for which of the three finalists they think should win. A total is then tallied, with media, coaches and team captains accounting for two-thirds, supporters’ votes accounting for one-third, and a winner is chosen.