In connection with the season tv awards Allsvenskans Stora Pris, staff from all the 32 elite clubs gathered for a full day together at the Quality Hotel Friends in Solna. In addition to the tv awards and the live gala evening, the program for the day also included various club staff meetings and a guest lecture by communications expert Anna Bellman.

The Allsvenskans Stora Pris held its 10th anniversary of what over the years has developed into a packed industry day for the Swedish football family. Before the evening’s live televised gala, a total of nine different club staff meetings were held where the clubs’ staff had the opportunity to meet across club boundaries to be inspired and exchange experiences with each other.

“Allsvenskans Stora Pris is, in addition to the TV gala, an opportunity to gather all 32 member clubs and their staff to discuss common issues and areas of development. The content of the function meetings is primarily based on the clubs’ needs, and within several functions there are reference groups that are involved in the planning of these meetings in order to create as much relevance as possible for the participants”, says Kaveh Sarvari, events and private marketing manager at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

This year, the following meetings were held in connection with the Allsvenskans Stora Pris: Business meeting B2B, Business meeting B2C, Finance meeting, Sustainability meeting, Communication meeting, Members’ meeting, SLO meeting, Sports manager’s meeting and Safety managers meeting.

“The most important part is that people meet. Part of our vision with Allsvenskans Stora Pris is that it should be our joint end of the season where the clubs’ employees and the closest elite football family meet, socialize, and strengthen relationships across borders year after year”, continues Sarvari.

After the club staff meetings, all conference participants attended a joint inspirational lecture. For 45 minutes, lecturer Anna Bellman shared useful, inspiring and concrete tips in presentation technique, rhetoric and persuasive personal communication.

“The guest lecture by Anna Bellman was interesting and inspiring to listen to. She brought her exuberant energy to the whole room and captured everyone’s attention. It was also positive that she let the audience get involved with answers and comments via mobile phone”, says AIK Football’s press manager Stefan Mellerborg.

The day ended with Discovery’s live TV gala where all participants were gathered to pay tribute to Swedish elite football and the season’s best achievements and efforts. In connection with the live gala, an internal awards ceremony was also held focusing on the work put in by the clubs and their staff off the pitch.

231114 Programledare Camilla Nordlund med expertkommentatorerna Nordin Gerzic och Alexander Axén under Allsvenskans Stora Pris den 14 november 2023 i Stockholm. Foto: Emma Wallskog / BILDBYRÅN / COP 320 / SH0438

Meetings held for and with the elite clubs’ staff in connection with the Allsvenskans Stora Pris:

Business conference B2B
Business conference B2C
Economics conference
Sustainability meeting
Communication meeting
Members meeting (Chairman & Club Manager)
SLO meeting
Sports director’s meeting
Security manager meeting