Earlier this year, the members of Swedish Professional Football Leagues decided to approve the new strategy for the period 2024–2026. The strategy is based on four strategic focus areas, each of which, directly or indirectly, is intended to contribute to achieving the set goals.
“With the new strategy, we set a clear direction forward, with clear measurable goals to ensure that we deliver in accordance with our mission,” says Johan Lindvall, Secretary-General of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The new strategy extends until 2026 and follows the previous strategy, “The Nordic’s Best League.” Moving forward, the strategy rests on four strategic focus areas: The Sport, The Rights, The Football Experience, and Sustainable Collaboration. With football’s best at the core, Swedish Professional Football Leagues aims to create the most exciting sports rights while simultaneously being a growth engine for its members.

“The strategy is and will be central to everything we do over these three years. With the help of clear focus areas, we ensure that SEF centrally adheres to the collectively set direction and that the strategy accompanies us in the various decisions made along the way,” Lindvall argues.

The strategy stipulates that Swedish Professional Football Leagues will work towards two leagues of the highest quality that challenge comparable leagues internationally, are in constant development, and provide clubs with the right conditions to qualify for UEFA club competitions’ group stages to a greater extent. Additionally, the football experience will be enhanced through increased attendance at the stadiums combined with continuously decreasing disturbances.

Focus will also revolve around strengthening the leagues’ brands and maximizing value growth, measured, among other things, by increased revenue. Another important aspect is to highlight elite football’s contribution to society and, not least, that SEF should be an internal force for development and a support to the clubs in order to facilitate and relieve them.

“While we want to develop sportingly, we must not forget all the fantastic things happening outside the lines. The contribution to society that our clubs make through their social work is enormous, and we need to continue to encourage and highlight that,” Lindvall concludes.