Swedish Professional Football Leagues and PlaymakerAI are commencing a collaboration for the 2024 season, aimed at creating analyses of matches in Allsvenskan and Superettan.
“This partnership will provide the clubs with better opportunities to analyze both themselves and their opponents, something that will contribute to raising the quality of our leagues”, says Svante Samuelsson, Sporting Director at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

“We are incredibly pleased to establish this collaboration with Swedish Professional Football Leagues. Our platform, Playmaker Nothing, lowers the threshold for data analysis, making high-quality and tailored analysis available without any programming. Swedish men’s football takes a significant step forward as all clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan now have access to this groundbreaking tool”, says Joakim Plogell, founder of PlaymakerAI.

PlaymakerAI is a web-based platform that gathers a large amount of football data and transforms it into increased insights about football using artificial intelligence. PlaymakerAI contributes to more effective analysis of teams, matches and players.