Sport is an important part of building a society. Sport creates, bit by bit, the conditions for a good climate for good citizens to grow up in. Swedish Professional Football Leagues takes the opportunity to invite both the private and public sector to two constructive days to take the next step in building an even better society.

“Together with the public sector, the private sector and the entire sports business in Sweden, there is a great potential to create better societies together. To do it in the best way, we need to create long-term relationships between the stakeholders”, says Beatrice Clarke, responsible for sustainability issues at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

On November 27-28, this year’s Sustainability Arena, an initiative of Swedish Professional Football Leagues, will be held, where the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) and the Womens Elite Football (EFD) also will participate as guests. The importance of football in the local community will be a consistent theme during the two days the conference takes place. Over 120 people from leagues, clubs, partners, associations, the private sector and the public sector are registered to participate in order to talk about, among other things, football’s important role in preventing lifelong exclusion in society.

“Us at the EFD see it as an important part to be part of the Sustainability arena as we want to spread our knowledge and approach to football’s important role in society. It is part of our responsibility to participate in dialogues about what steps football needs to take in order for us to continue to develop together. It will be two rewarding days where I see that we will leave with insights, inspiration and more playing partners”, says Linn Eriksson, sponsor and sustainability coordinator at Womens Elite Football.

The discussion topics chosen at the Sustainability Arena concern, among other things, football’s role in society and how it can be used to create a more inclusive society together with business and the public sector.

The conference will include guest performances from social and future analyst Troed Troedson and national economist Ingvar Nilsson, the latter of whom is behind the report Fotbollsplanen mitt i byn, which describes the social benefit the elite football in Sweden contributes with every year.

The venue for the 2023 Sustainability Arena is the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg.

Learn more about the sustainability work of Swedish Professional Football Leagues here