“Sometimes the world feels like a big football field. Full of opportunities and exciting challenges. But for some of us, it sometimes feels like we’re standing outside the field, looking in, unsure if we’re allowed to join. But in reality, all it takes is for someone to reach out a hand.”

For a hundred years, Swedish elite football has filled our lives with passion, drama, camaraderie, and joy. Just as it is natural for Swedish Professional Football Leagues to contribute to the sporting development and competitiveness of Swedish elite football, it is equally natural to work for a more sustainable society and create good role models for our children and young people.

With each passing year, the importance of football grows, and alongside this, community engagement becomes both more numerous and larger. Swedish Professional Football Leagues has a significant responsibility to highlight and encourage the efforts made across the country.

“Sports in general, and football in particular, are fantastic opportunities to prevent young people from ending up in destructive situations. We are Sweden’s and the world’s most popular sport, and we can and want to contribute. Our 32 clubs do a fantastic job off the field, and we need to continue to highlight the good examples,” says Beatrice Clarke, Head of Sustainability at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Swedish Professional Football Leagues is currently conducting an inventory of the clubs’ social sustainability work, and the results will be presented during the year. Recently, a film on the theme of sustainability was also launched, showcasing some of the positive work being done by Swedish elite clubs. You can watch the film in the player below.