According to the latest survey Sportnavigatorn, Allsvenskan stays in top and continues to be the most popular league in Sweden, while Superettan also continues to increase in interest. Also more Swedes are finding a favorite team in Allsvenskan.
“Football is still the most interesting sport in the country. In addition, Allsvenskan is now for the first time, with a significant difference the most interesting league in Sweden”, says Jan Karlsson, Sales Director at Swedish Proffessional Football Leagues.

It is the analysis company Upplevelseinstitutet that is behind Sportnavigatorn, which annually surveys the Swedish people’s interest in sports. Swedish citizens aged 15 and older have participated in the survey.

3.5 million Swedes over the age of 15 are interested in football, according to Sportnavigatorn. Football is the sport in the country that generates the most interest from the population. 41% of all sports enthusiasts are following Allsvenskan, just ahead of Swedish Hockey League (SHL) at 39%. Superettan is the fourth most popular league in the country, right after Hockeyallsvenskan. Among young people, the interest in football among all sports enthusiasts increases from 42% to 44%.

210828 Landskronas Robin Hofsö och Helsingborgs Charlie Weberg under fotbollsmatchen i Superettan mellan Helsingborg och Landskrona den 28 augusti 2021 i Helsingborg. Foto: Mathilda Ahlberg / BILDBYRÅN / COP 240 / MA0093

“We are happy that we are strengthening our long-term attractiveness by seeing a positive development and an increased interest in domestic football among the young generation. They are our future visitors to the arenas as well as they are the important stakeholder groups of the future around sports and football, such as business leaders and politicians”, says Jan Karlsson.

The greatest interest in Allsvenskan is found in men, people in the age range 15–29 and 30-44 years, who live in the metropolitan regions. Superettan has the same profile, with the exception that the most interested live in Småland and in western Sweden.

57% of Sweden’s population has a favorite team in the Allsvenskan. The highest rating since the survey started in 2013.

Some of the reasons for Allsvenskan’s success are said to be an improved arena standard, the metropolitan team’s success, media exposure and that more women and young people have become interested in Allsvenskan, This is confirmed by Upplevelseinstitutet.

“People interested of following Allsvenskan has grown gradually. If we quantify the increase in the number of people, the Allsvenskan in football has gained 700,000 new “newly recruited” followers since 2015″, says Peter Allvin, partner at the Upplevelseinstitutet

210524 Elfsborgs Frederik Holst under fotbollsmatchen i Allsvenskan mellan Elfsborg och IFK Norrköping den 24 maj 2021 i Borås. Foto: Jörgen Jarnberger / BILDBYRÅN / COP 112 / JJ0090


  • The survey was conducted via web interviews with a representative sample of the Swedish population (+15 years).
  • 6,000 interviews (500 per month) were conducted on an ongoing basis during the period August 2020 – July 2021.
  • The amount of data has been weighted based on gender, age and geography to represent the Swedish population.
  • The research institute Ipsos has carried out the data collection on behalf of the Upplevelseinstitutet.

For more questions about Sportnavigatorn, visit the website of Upplevelseinstutet or contact:
Peter Allvin,
Partner, Upplevelseinstitutet
+46 70 248 57 95