Swedish Football League, Allsvenskan, invests in new training and match video analysis tools from Spiideo

1 MARS, 2017 kl 09:59

Swedish Football League, Allsvenskan, invests in new training and match video analysis tools from Spiideo


The Swedish Football League, Svensk Elitfotboll, have signed an agreement with Spiideo to equip every stadium in Allsvenskan with a system that delivers high resolution panoramic footage of the entire pitch. It will be a valuable help for analysing the games, and Stefan Lundin, Sports Director at Svensk Elitfotboll is optimistic about the new opportunities.
– This is an incredible product for both tactical team analysis, and also to be able to improve individual player skills.

The Spiideo system includes 4k cameras which are covering the entire pitch from multiple angles. The coaching staff can record a match or a training, and at the same time use a tablet or a mobile phone to watch a sequence or a player position from different angles in real time. You can pan and zoom in the videos, pause, rewind and watch a situation again and make notes, tags, drawings or clips. Stefan Lundin is very satisfied with the system.

– This will be an invaluable tool for analysing the game, because of the flexibility to pan, zoom, and to watch a situation in detail wherever you want on the pitch.

When asking the Swedish managers what they would desire the most, improved capabilities for video analysis was their answer. Jimmy Högberg, part of the Örebro SK coaching crew knows how important this is.

– Our absolute priority is to be able to see the game and specific situations as good as possible, which is one of the key strengths of Spiideo. What is striking is also how easy it is to get up and running and start using the system. This is very important, since it makes it more likely that you will use it on a daily basis.

Patrik Olsson, CEO at Spiideo says that the company are pleased to work together with the Swedish football league.

– We are very happy to be a part of strengthening Swedish football by providing clubs our tools for player and team development. We are continuously having a dialogue with the coaches and analysts, to further improve the experience and deliver best possible solutions for their video analysis needs going forward.


The introduction of Spiideo on match arenas is a part of a greater plan to develop match analysis even further. Jimmy Högberg is optimistic.

– Overall this is a huge project and we should see this as a first important piece of the puzzle, to provide next generation analysis tools for both first teams and academies.

The clubs who are also using their match arena for training can now also take part of a deal which gives them access to record every game and practice for the first team as well of any of the youth teams. Jimmy Högberg says this is another piece of the main vision to strengthen Swedish football.

– This will give the clubs an opportunity to develop their youth teams as well, and in this Spiideo will be of much help for us.

For more information about Spiideo, visit https://www.spiideo.com

For further questions please contact:
Jimmy Högberg
Örebro SK
+46 70 918 16 24

Stefan Lundin
Sport Director, Svensk Elitfotboll
+46 70 206 84 78

Patrik Olsson
CEO, Spiideo
+46 70 625 17 98

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