The SLOs did set the guidelines for the 2018 season during a meeting in Gothenburg

9 MARS, 2018 kl 09:11

The SLOs did set the guidelines for the 2018 season during a meeting in Gothenburg


The SLOs of 2018 strengthened their ties before the upcoming season during three days of education in Gothenburg. The 25 participants talked about cooperation, Swedish football culture and the development of their own role.
”The SLO function is a success factor for us when continuing the work to create welcoming, safe, secure and atmospheric events,” says Kaveh Sarvari, responsible for event development and SLO coordinator at Swedish Elite Football.

The first day of education was dedicated the new SLOs as they were given an introduction to and a understanding of the SLO work. The role includes several parts, and one of the main tasks is the pre work for each game when building contacts between clubs and between fan and clubs. Every SLO has different difficulties but they all share the same goal – that all venues should be fully seated.

”This is great and important, because we do not meet so often. I started as SLO last season but I still feel new so it is good to have the opportunity to learn a lot about the function and get input how other Slo do their work. Getting to know each other is important in order to work well together when we meet later on in Allsvenskan. For example, today I know the SLO of Brommapojkarna, and it will make things easier when we meet in the league, ”says the SLO of Hammarby Jonas Myrstedt.

”To meet and hear experiences from other clubs means that we can learn from both good and bad examples when we build our own fan culture around Brommapojkarna,” says Peter Appelquist, new SLO for Brommapojkarna.

The Fryshuset organisation attended the conference when teaching the participants in group processes and leadership in environments where people with different backgrounds and conditions meet. The football stands are in many ways a reflection of society at large.

”We took the new SLOs through quite a journey. They had to make a lifeline where they lifted three ups and downs focusing on when they grew up. This is important when understanding the underlying causes why you are the one you are and to be a leader and understand different kinds of groups. The more we know about ourselves the better we understand what we do. Hopefully the SLOs can convert what we taught them to passion and determination”, says Linda Skogsby from Fryshuset.


The following days the more experienced SLOs joined the education.
”It was nice to see how the SLOs treated each other and how the more experienced embraced the new, regardless of the color of the team, and shared experiences. Our methods depend very much on learning from each other. We provide the tools but the development takes place in the conversation in the group. I hope everyone feels the strength to work in the same way when they return to their clubs and that they do not feel alone there”, says Linda Skogsby and continues.

”It seems that the group has a passion for the things they do. In terms of content, personal leadership is something we encourage. The group also has a strength in each other. A common strength where team colors does not matter.”

During the last day, Sofia Bohlin of the Swedish Football Supporters Union (SFSU) was invited to talk about their organization and Swedish fan engagement. Then Daniel Hedman from the police section National Operational Department (NOA) informed about terrorism from a broader perspective, knowledge that is important to bring back home to the every day SLO work.

”This was very interesting and important. You have to have knowledge about it and get new information, otherwise it will only be something going on in the periphery somewhere. We must take the evilness of the society seriously to be able to work to ensure that people will continue to stay safe”, says Jonas Myrstedt.

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