In 2018 Swedish Elite Football (SEF) celebrates 90 years as the member organisation of the top clubs in Sweden by releasing a report in order to show the development since the start in 1928 until today. Over the last two or three years SEF has experienced a significant progress that is connected to the work initiated by people previously in the organization.

The over 100 pages long report was made by Robert Johansson, Head of Communications at Swedish Elite Football. Robert was given free hands to describe the development of SEF.

The conclusion of the report is that former chairmen and CEO’s of Swedish Elite Football has laid the foundation for the work of today’s chairman, Lars-Christer Olsson, and CEO Mats Enquist. The report mentions the change that the former chairman Bosse Johansson initiated in 2010, known as NBL – Nordens Bästa Liga (The Best League in the Nordic countries).

NBL pointed out a direction to where the elite football in Sweden should be headed, and Lars-Christer Olsson and Mats Enquist have complied with NBL’s guidelines and have in a short period of time accomplished more than anyone else in the same time range in SEF’s history.

Right now, the elite football in Sweden is in a better place than ever before, and the vision of being the Best Nordic League does not feel far away. Two areas where much is happening right now is in IT, and media rights. People interested in football will for sure hear and notice things concerned within those areas soon.

The process with NBL involves patient work with at long-term move towards a stronger position. This does not include randomly selected activities, but instead targeted work following the direction and the line that the organization put out. The goal is a stronger elite football – and more resources to the clubs.