The Swedish Elite Football commitment to the digital development has taken a big step forward in 2017. Twenty out of 32 clubs in the two top leagues Allsvenskan and Superettan today have apps that offer ticket purchases and highlights from the match directly in your mobile phone.
”This is a welcoming and necessary step for all those who are interested in our football,” says Mats Enquist, CEO at the liga organisation Svensk Elitfotboll.

A goal-oriented commitment to the technological and the digital development has begun to give concrete results to the clubs in Allsvenskan and the Superettan. By 2017, a majority of clubs launched a ”Live app” that allows them to create unique content and communicate with their fans all 365 days a year.

”We are creating our own platform for football, with custom tailor-made features for clubs, supporters and partners. We are very happy to be able to develop this in close reconciliation with our stakeholders – not least the fans. What we develop hopefully will be seen as a extended football experience, says Mats Enquist.

For the fans, the app is used to improve both the service and the experience before, during and after the game. The idea is also that the official fan organisation (SFSU) will have their own channels to work with to ensure their supporter-specific interests. The spectators in the arena can get their various interests satisfied by for example, watching highlights from the game only seconds after they occured, get live statistics, news and special offers directly to their mobile. Of course there is also a table, a game schedule and the ability to buy and handle ticket purchases directly in the app.

The arena experience keeps developing every day as more features are added continuously throughout this and future seasons.

At league level, Allsvenskan Live and Superettan Live have also been launched, and in the autumn, even more club apps are expected to be released on AppStore and in Google Play.

Download the apps:
Allsvenskan Live
Superettan Live