– The EPFL expresses its concerns on the damage that would cause a rescheduling of the World Cup

– Leagues adopt Resolution on Overdue Payables

– Israeli and Romanian Leagues join the Association 

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) held today its 1st General Assembly of 2014/2015 season in Stockholm, Sweden, co-hosted by the Swedish Professional League. During the meeting, the EPFL elected Jacco Swart, CEO of the Dutch Eredivisie, as new Board Member and welcomed the Romanian Professional Football League and the Israeli Professional Football Leagues as new EPFL Members. The EPFL Association, which represents now 31 Leagues and Association of Clubs across Europe for a total number of around 1000 clubs altogether, reinforces in this way its role of predominant employers’ representatives at EU level and its status of umbrella organisation of the governing bodies for professional football at national level, namely the Leagues.


Qatar 2022

The EPFL is of the view that this international tournament is to be regularly played during the original summer period. The EPFL Chairman Frédéric Thiriez, on behalf of all Association’s Members stated: “The EPFL considers that any re-scheduling of the World Cup would be damaging the domestic competitions and Leagues’ business and sporting interests”.


European Leagues adopt Resolution on Overdue Payables

The EPFL, in line with their long term commitment to the objective of ensuring financial sustainability of their member clubs, has adopted a Resolution on Overdue Payables (enclosed). This Resolution promotes the adoption of clear regulations both at national and international level for guaranteeing the payment of any amounts due from a member club to another club, to players and to tax and fiscal authorities”.


Third Party Ownership

The EPFL takes notes of the decision of general principle of FIFA to stop the practice of third-party ownership of players’ economic rights (TPO) with a transitional period. During such transitional period, the EPFL call FIFA and the other stakeholders involved in the process for a clear definition and regulation of TPO/TPI.


UEFA Youth League 2015-18

The EPFL welcomes the decision of UEFA to restructure its Youth League from the 2015/2016. This new format guarantees a wider country representation and the respect of sporting merits as the key principle for getting access to an international competition, as suggested by the EPFL.


EPFL Statement on the Ebola epidemic

The EPFL expressed its concerns with respect to the latest threatening evolution of the Ebola epidemic. Within this context, the European Leagues rely on Public Authorities, FIFA and its Confederation of African Football (CAF) to adopt the proper measures aimed to safeguard the health of those professional players, match-officials, football administrators but also football fans.


Executives’ Statements

During the conclusive Media Conference, the EPFL Chairman Frédéric Thiriez, stated: “All member Leagues agree that European football needs a fair revenue distribution model. The Leagues are ready to provide UEFA with a number of proposals to better guarantee competitive balance and solidarity at all levels.”


The Chairman of the hosting Swedish Professional Football League Lars-Christer Olsson stated. “The domestic competitions are strongly impacted by the current system which limits our use of the calendar. The Leagues should be involved in any decision making process impacting the sporting and commercial interests of our competitions”.


In contrast with the former league management, the Romanian Professional Football League is now an open-minded and modern organization.  “We are very grateful to be member of the international football family of the EPFL” stated the new President Gino Iorgulescu.


“We are very happy to join the EPFL family. We trust that with the help of the EPFL Administration and Members we will be able to learn and contribute in the near future” stated Yoram Baumann, Chairman of the new Israeli Professional Football Leagues.