The second part of the annual SLO training took place at Lidingö outside Stockholm. The focus was on developing the SLO role and how to make the SLO work more known to the common people.
”The SLOs have an important function in our arenas. We focus on how we can create a higher legitimacy in their role towards the spectators, the government, our partners, but also internally within Swedish football, ”says Kaveh Sarvari, Event Manager, and SLO coordinator at Swedish Elite Football.

Swedish Elite Football has systematically started involving the SLOs in more forums and decisions regarding Swedish elite football.
”In many cases, our SLOs are the ones closest to our football spectators, they appear in the front of our events. We need to invite and share their knowledge to a greater audience than today”, says Kaveh Sarvari.

The SLOs themselves agrees that it is a good idea to be clear about what a SLO does, and that they must profile the role to be able to reach a broader mass.

”It is really interesting to discuss the SLO role and the identity of the role. We all think, for the sake of credibility, it is good for our own clubs to succeed in having employed SLOs in the club. It does not have to mean a full-time service, but preferably some form of compensation”, says Magnus Olsve, SLO in Dalkurd FF.

Besides of developing their own skills the SLOs was educated in Cardiovascular and Lung Rescue (CPR). The SLOs themselves had requested first aid training because they are close to the stands, and many times first in place in case of an unforeseen event.

”It is great to be able to handle CPR even though I hope I never have to use this knowledge”, says the SLO of Hammarby Jonas Myrstedt, and notes at the same time that the group grows together more for each time they meet.

Jesper Sahlberg, SLO at IFK Göteborg was on the spot for SLO training for the first time and was inspired by the group’s strength.

”We learn from each other. We share knowledge with each other. Everyone works different in their clubs and there is always something to be inspired by”.

His colleague in IFK Göteborg, Christopher Lindahl agrees.
”I am so inspired by these meetings and just want to go back home and work”.

In addition to the above discussions, the SLOs also received two hours of media training by Robert Johansson, the head of communication in Swedish Elite Football.