The Swedish Government announces that from 1st of October it will be possible to have spectators at football games. However, there will be an upper limit on how many spectators are allowed inside the stadiums.

Karl-Erik Nilsson, Chairman of the Swedish Football Association:
”This is a step in the right direction towards normality where we can welcome spectators back fully. However, we need to see the proposal and its details in full – and be able to give our views – before it is possible to comment further.”

”It is necessary that you give sports increased financial support. But it is also what one can expect – the positive economic, social and health effects that sport contributes to society are of great importance, worth many billions of SEK. If sport is to continue to be the strong force of society it is today, the clubs must receive support and help to survive this crisis.”

Håkan Sjöstrand, general secretary at the Swedish Football Association:
”Football is ready to take its responsibility and welcome the audience back – in a safe and secure way. We’re looking forward to it. However, it is the details of the proposal that determine what effect it will have on football, above all how many spectators it will in practice be possible to welcome to the stadiums.”

”In our opinion, regarding the ceiling for how many people are allowed at each game, the authorities needs to take into account the conditions for each sports facility – that is, the arena’s size and spectator capacity, and whether it is an indoor or outdoor arena.”