OBOS is expanding their focus on Swedish football
– Becomes presenting partner to second division Superettan and official partner to Allsvenskan.

The new Superettan name from 2020 and four seasons onwards will be ”Superettan presented by OBOS”. The collaboration with OBOS means that Superettan and the member clubs will have a long-term partner who both understands and appreciates the potential of football. The collaboration extends from the 2020 season and for four more seasons.

”OBOS, as well as Swedish Professional Football Leagues, sees an advantage to further develop current cooperation. OBOS will be a significant force for the Superettan development”, says a very satisfied Jan Karlsson, Sales and Marketing Director at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

OBOS, which is one of the largest house manufactures in Scandinavia, has for many years a large business in Sweden. During 2018 OBOS sold over 3100 new homes in Scandinavia, of which about 1300 was in the Swedish market. The house sales in Sweden take place through the brand names Myresjöhus, SmålandsVillan, OBOS Kärnhem and OBOS. Prior to the 2019 season, OBOS stepped in as the official partner of Superettan and Swedish Professional Football Leagues and is now developing that collaboration to become presenting partner of Superettan and the official partner of Allsvenskan.

”OBOS is looking forward to build awareness of the brand in Sweden. Superettan is the league of the people and a springboard on the way up to Allsvenskan. At the same time, Superettan has strong local roots around the country, just as OBOS has in the development of housing. Together we take a joint responsibility for the society we live in”, says CEO Daniel Kjørberg Siraj at OBOS.

In the partnership with Swedish Professional Football Leagues and their leagues Allsvenskan and Superettan, OBOS sees a partner who can contribute to the company’s commitment to a more socially sustainable society where sports play an important role. The main focus from 2020 will be on the Superettan.

”OBOS are set to give something back to society and football plays a very important role as a positive arena for children and young people in the various local communities. For over a year now, OBOS also has a strong commitment in women’s soccer, mainly through the collaboration with OBOS Damallsvenskan”, says Daniel Kjørberg Siraj

Part of the collaboration means that OBOS will launch a membership program starting in the 2020 season. Among other things, OBOS members will receive a 25 percent discount on tickets to matches in the Superettan.

”We are happy and proud to be able to add OBOS as a partner to our elite football. We see OBOS as a player that further strengthens the role of football in society”, says Mats Enquist, Secretary General of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

OBOS is the first league partner to choose to take the same position in both Sweden and Norway. Superettan and OBOS Damallsvenskan in Sweden, and the OBOS league and Toppserien in Norway.


About OBOS
OBOS is a member-owned organization based in Oslo. OBOS is one of the Nordic region’s largest developers and managers of housing. OBOS operates in Sweden under the OBOS, Myresjöhus, SmålandsVillan and OBOS Kärnhem brands. OBOS had about 1,700 homes under construction at the end of the 2019 (June 30). At the end of 2018, OBOS had 454,442 members and 2,597 employees, of whom 949 were employees in Sweden.

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