The Superettan season is finally upon us. The 2020 edition of Superettan means a new suit for the league as the housing developer OBOS invests heavily in the nation’s second league.

”Superettan comes with strong local roots, just like OBOS when it comes to housing development. Together we share a responsibility for taking care of our society”, says CEO Daniel Kjørberg Siraj at OBOS.

The similarities between elite football and housing developing are more than you might think.

”Swedish elite football clubs creates a local sense of belonging for their surroundings. Football reaches out to all people in the society, from refugees to directors. Children are dreaming of playing in the big stadiums and in small towns, football is a big part of the local pride. This is how we at OBOS look at ourselves as well, as an actor who builds up the local community, an actor who contributes with commitment and joy”, says Daniel Kjørberg Siraj.

From 2020, OBOS expanded their focus on Swedish Professional Football Leagues and becomes a Presenting partner to the Superettan, which means that the OBOS logotype already is included in the Superettan’s shield and that OBOS will be visible in all league games. But the commitment really does not stop there.

In the partnership with Swedish Professional Football Leagues and Allsvenskan and Superettan, OBOS sees a partner who can contribute to the company’s commitment to a more socially sustainable society where sport plays an important role. In addition to OBOS being seen in the stadiums in Superettan, a major focus will be on being visible in the Superettan cities.

”OBOS is dedicated to give something back to society and football plays a very important role as a positive arena for children and young people around the various local communities”, says Daniel Kjørberg Siraj.

”We want to build a closer relationship to get the best possible effect and I think we can build good values for both the clubs and OBOS. For Swedish football there will be a time before and after OBOS”.

OBOS is one of the largest housing developers in Scandinavia. The company has for many years had a large business in Sweden and in 2019 OBOS sold over 3100 new homes in Scandinavia, of which about 1300 are in the Swedish market. Sales in Sweden take place through the brand names Myresjöhus, SmålandsVillan, OBOS Kärnhem and OBOS. Prior to the 2019 season, OBOS stepped in as the official partner of Superettan and Swedish Professional Football Leagues and now in 2020 OBOS developes that collaboration to also become Presenting partner to Superettan and official partner of Allsvenskan.

OBOS is the first league partner who chooses to take the same position in both Sweden and Norway and in both women’s and men’s football as OBOS partnership includes Swedish Superettan and OBOS Damallsvenskan and the Norwegian OBOS league and Toppserien.

”Gender equality is an important part of our entire business. Of course, this also applies to sponsorship. The fact that we support both women’s and men’s football sends an important signal that is of great value for both OBOS and Scandinavian football”, says Daniel Kjørberg Siraj.