Unicoach is a long-term project by Swedish Professional Football Leagues and Unibet to develop the future Swedish elite football.
”Unicoach will give our coaches and leaders even better opportunities in their everyday lives than they already have,” says Svante Samuelsson, Sports Manager at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Through resources, education and leadership, Unicoach will create the conditions for a continued positive development of Swedish elite football. The vision is to together with the academies of the 32 elite football clubs in the country develop the Nordic region’s leading academies. This will be done through increased resources but also by focusing on those who have the greatest impact on the future of football players in Sweden – the leaders and the coaches.

”We love Swedish football. Therefore we are involved in the development of the future elite football in Sweden, so that Allsvenskan becomes among the leading leagues in Europe”, says Per Carlander, Country manager at Unibet Sweden and continues.

”The coaches are key people and we want to give them even better opportunities in their everyday lives. We will create the conditions for collaboration, networking and exchange. We will contribute to new knowledge, insights and inspiration.”

Unicoach includes the 32 clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan with their academies. Unibet invests 15 million SEK in the Unicoach project. The resources will be distributed among the 32 clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan based on Swedish Professional Football Leagues established certification process and primarily go to the development of players and leaders in the club.

Unibet invests SEK 15 million per year on Unicoach wich will give between 175,000 – 575,000 SEK to each club’s academies per year. This is an increase of at least SEK 100,000 for each club each year.

More info on unicoach.se