Swedish Elite Football and Discovery Networks Sweden was awarded Best TV Rights Deal at the TV Sports Awards in Monaco. 
”This award shows the awareness of the media industry because this is so much more than a media rights negotiation. It is a modern partnership that has begun”, says Mats Enquist, CEO of the Swedish Elite Football.

Swedish Elite Football was represented at the gala by the organisation President Lars-Christer Olsson, CEO Mats Enquist and Niclas Janson, Head of digital development.

When the nominees were presented on stage it was also clear that Swedish Elite Football and Discovery won the prestigious award. This in fierce competition with England and Wales cricket deal with Sky Sports and the FA deal with IMG.

”It is a great honour to receive this award. It confirms that we did a proper work with the ideas we had. Combining our new digital platform with Discovery creates brand new opportunities for both of us, and for all supporters who want to follow the football both inside and outside our arenas for 365 days a year. A major development work has recently begun, and it will be extremely exciting to see how far we can go”, Mats Enquist said.

The tv rights deal between the Swedish Elite Football Association (SEF) and Discovery Networks Sweden is for the 2020 season and onwards.

The idea is that the digital platforms of both the Swedish Elite Football Association and Discovery Network Sweden will meet in the ambition to further enhance the supporters’ experience and to explore new business opportunities together.