The Swedish Elite Football stand behind the recent appeal against sexism, macho culture, sexual harassment and sport abuses, which have been widely noted thanks to #metoo.

Swedish Elite Football has for several years been working together with Fryshuset with developing our own Code of Conduct. By education of players, leaders and functionaries in all our member clubs our main task has been to initialise a change for the clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan to develop on their own. Due to the outrageous stories that have emerged thanks to #metoo, we have decided that in the future we will be focusing on highlighting the issue of sexism and respect, two of the fundamental elements of our value base.

We will also encourage our clubs to continue their work on a local basis. The football is for everyone. We never will give up the fight against intolerance, disrespect and sexism.

Our Code of Conduct makes clear that we want a football where:

• Everyone feels welcome, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or nationality

• Everyone feels safe and secure to attend our events

• We work together to reclaim the positive atmosphere of our stands

• We all show respect for each other, regardless of whether it concerns the game, players, judges, leaders, employees, elected representatives and the audience.

For us, football is about justice, respect, dignity and joy – and we act to show it.