Fryshuset makes for the third consecutive year another tour with the Code of Conduct of Swedish Elite Football . This year, Fryshuset will focus on language use.
”It is incredibly important to take responsibility when being a role model. Primarily for ourselves, but in this context also for the entire Swedish elite football”, says Beatrice Clarke, Project leader at Fryshuset.

In the two previous seasons, Fryshuset visited all clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan in order to partly inform about the Code of conduct, and partly to implement it. In 2017, the main focus was placed on creating ambassadors in the clubs and to clarify that behavior will have consequences.

In 2018 Fryshuset will continue the work of creating ambassadors in the clubs but also in implementing the Code of Conduct in everyday life. The focus will be on language use and on getting the club ambassadors to take more responsibility.

”We will conduct a number of value-added exercises where the participants must take a stand as an individual and as a club member. You usually know the values of the club, but you still have to take a stand as an individual”, says Beatrice Clarke and continues.

”Sometimes you can express yourself clumsy without meaning, but it will always have consequences. Everyone can change their own behavior. And important to understand, regardless of situation, you own your own behavior.”

The code of conduct is the value of Swedish Elite Football, where everyone is welcome regardless of their origin. All 32 clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan have already signed the Code of Conduct.

”What is happening on the stands is in line with what we see on the pitch. Everything is connected. If you take a stand and is clear with your opinion, then others will do the same” says Beatrice Clarke.

The third year of the Fryshuset Code of Conduct tour begins in spring 2018.