The total importance for the society of Swedish elite football is estimated to be around SEK 1.2 billions. Today we gather all the social commitment that the leagues and clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan does in same website called ”Football and society”. The website will serve as a source for information, statistics and inspiration for the fans, politicians, business and media. By gathering all the clubs’ social initiatives, Swedish Professional Football Leagues hopes to make the football contribution to society even clearer.

”The social commitment of football is a new movement. When 32 teams and two national leagues work together in a society, everybody will se the power and importance of football”, says Beatrice Clarke, CSR Manager at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The social involvement of Swedish elite football wants to contribute to a better society that really helps in the clubs’ local area. The new website highlights the work of the clubs and shows the actual societal benefit that the clubs contribute to. On ”Football and Society”, all the social commitment of the Allsvenskan clubs are presented and soon the clubs in Superettan will be there as well. Each club has selected a community engagement that is shown with a video.

”Our elite football contributes to a better society because we want to and because we can. We work centrally from the league’s point of view with values, code of conduct, mental illness and, for example, everyone’s equal value. We also work hard to gather the elite clubs’ social commitment and put them in a context. I would like to thank Svenska Spel who made it possible for us to invest in making these films showing the clubs’ social commitment”, says Beatrice Clarke.

All the social involvement of the leagues and clubs is measured and implemented with a clear direction towards the UN’s global goals for a sustainable development.

In 2018, EY stated in their report ”How is Swedish elite football?” That the elite football’s social benefit amounts to at least SEK 775 millions, and this year the same company added a value in the form of revenue to the state treasury of close to SEK half a billion. This means that the elite football’s total social value, which is at least SEK 1.2 billions. All that work is now presented at ”Football and Society”.

The societal involvement of the league and elite clubs is found on (Swedish)