The SLOs in Allsvenskan and Superettan have a multifaceted assignment. They need to act on the interests of different groups to create the best arena environment possible. Communication with supporters, clubs, authorities and other stakeholders is of great importance. In the education, through lectures and workshops the SLOs got a lot of important things to bring back to their everyday work.

24 SLOs from the Allsvenskan and Superettan clubs attended the second SLO education of the year in and completed their SLO training.

Trust, integrity, knowledge and contact with the supporter environment are important keys to success in the SLO role. Every occasion where the SLOs are together is of great importance.

”The SLO role is sometimes stressful. Our education is a place where many SLOs find support in difficult questions. We constantly try to create an atmosphere where our SLOs trust each other, and these occasions are a key to that. It makes collaboration between the parties easier later in the season”, says Kaveh Sarvari, Head of B2C and Events at Swedish Professional Football Leagues, and also SLO coordinator.

Aron Lavesson from Tollare High School held the educational sections for two days. Among other things the SLOs got to learn more about MI (Motivational Interviewing).

”Me and Beatrice Clarke, CSR Manager, thinks that work with these SLOs also gives us lots of energy. It is a bunch of amazing people with different backgrounds, and everybody are passionate about contributing to a better stadium atmosphere”, says Kaveh Sarvari.

During the education, the opportunity was also taken into consideration, from the SLOs, and the Swedish Professional Football Leagues, to thank the main partner Svenska Spel for their contribution to the SLO role. Svenska Spel has been an important piece of the development of the SLO role – and thereby creating a better stadium atmosphere.