Swedish Professional Football Leagues and the 32 clubs in the Allsvenskan and Superettan leagues rejects the new proposals for the UEFA international club team competitions from 2024 onwards.
”We believe that the new proposal from 2024 onwards will benefit a few large clubs and Swedish and other European clubs will largely be excluded from the European stage”, says Lars-Christer Olsson, Chairman of Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Swedish Professional Football Leagues believes that the proposal for a change of European competitions from 2024 onwards would damage our domestic leagues Allsvenskan and Superettan. We believe that sporting merits in Allsvenskan should be the only basis for qualification for the Champions League and Europa League.

Swedish Professional Football Leagues and the 32 clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan are against changes in the international competition calendar that would affect the domestic leagues and all clubs are against more match days in the calendar. It would have a very negative impact on our short season and also disturb our national team activities with tired players as a result.

”Allsvenskan has been played since 1924 and has considerably more history than the Champions League. Every club, big and small, has a great tradition. The atmosphere in our stadiums created by the fans puts our football league on the map. In our leagues dreams of great deeds are born. These dreams and commitments will die if there are no longer opportunities for success on sports merits. The dream must live for both clubs and supporters”, says Lars-Christer Olsson by continuing.

”Our Swedish football is a reflection of our society and the will to support a club has been passed down for generations. Our own domestic football structure should be determined by ourselves and no one else. Football at this level is the spine of European football. In the new proposed model, the Östersund FK advance in Europa League 2017/2018 would hardly be possible.”

Swedish Professional Football Leagues supports the international league organization European Leagues and the meeting that was held in Madrid where there was a decision to protect domestic league football and for long-term sports and economic sustainability for all European professional leagues, including Allsvenskan and Superettan.

Changes in the international tournaments can never be accepted when they simultaneously damage the domestic leagues and we assume that UEFA hears our and other European leagues’ wishes and takes it into account.