Following the recent extended partnership portfolio of Swedish Elit Football for the Allsvenskan and Superettan leagues the speculation about a possible name change on the series has been repeated on a regular basis. Swedish Elite Football declines that Allsvenskan or Superettan will be named after a company name.
”We will not raise the question to the Swedish Football Association to rename Allsvenskan or Superettan, we have a board decision confirming this,” says Mats Enquist, CEO of Swedish Elite Football.

The board decision is saying that neither the Allsvenskan nor Superettan should be renamed after a company. What might happen is that a official partner can present a league, similar to what DHL does with Allsvenskan today, but Swedish Elite Football will not raise the issue with the Swedish Football Association that the leagues should change their official name or replace it in any way.

”We have discussed this carefully and a single board has established that especially Allsvenskan, but also the younger league name Superettan, has such strong values ​​so we do not want to sell them out”, says Mats Enquist.

”We want to protect the tradition of the brands – both to respect the history of football, our teams and our supporters. We have plenty of other opportunities to build other commercial values ​​together with our existing and future partners, and have already almost tripled the commercial revenues to the clubs from 2020. It is important to define where the limit of commercialization is going, and in this case it is important to keep the league name.

Swedish Elit Football currently has eight official partners, all of which appear in different sectors of society.

Official Partners 2018:
Main partner: Svenska Spel
Media Partner: C More / TV4
League partner: DHL, Volkswagen, EY, OnePartnerGroup
Suppliers: SELECT, NeH

Learn more about the official league partners here. (Swedish)