Each one of the 16 clubs in Allsvenskan brought one player, the head coach and certain staff to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm for a joint kickoff of the season. There were 133 persons from media and live broadcasters on sight to cover the season launch event 
”The season kick off is where the temperature is raised seriously for this year’s Allsvenska,” says Kaveh Sarvari, responsible for Event Development at the Swedish Elite Football.

The evening at Arlanda Airport began with a workshop where media calmly had time to interview the players and leaders of all 16 clubs in Allsvenskan. After a short break, the evening continued with a live broadcast on stage where the league’s opening opponents were opposed to each other in an interview situation.

In conjunction with the stage program, DHL was presented as a new official logistics partner to Allsvenskan, as well as official partner to Superettan.

”DHL will be our new logistics partner. Welcome DHL to Allsvenskan, ”says Mats Enquist, CEO at Swedish Elite Football.

Fotboll, Allsvenskan, Upptaktsträff 2018

EY talked about their financial report being released in early April. A report that also has a section that shows the football social benefits of society. EY announced that in 2017 employment was created for over 200 people due to the club’s community engagement. A fact that is expected to save the Swedish society a total cost of SEK 92 million.

”We did look at people far away from the labor market who got an employment through the club work and noticed a value of over SEK 90 million”, says Carlos Esterling, Partner at EY

”This is just the top of the iceberg. The Swedish elite clubs in total has over 100 csr-projects. Together they create a more inclusive society. There is no other place where so many people with different backgrounds meet. It makes us more than just football, we are part of the society”, says Calle Stjerna, Trademark Manager on Swedish Elite Football.

Both the participating coaches and the media people voted for Malmö FF to win Allsvenskan 2018.