When the new Event Development Council of Swedish Elite Football gathered for the first time, the focus was to determine what a satisfied visitor to a football arena really is.
”We did an exercise together to determine what characterizes a satisfied visitor. We are trying to develop the elite football NKI (Satisfactory Customer Index)”, says Kaveh Sarvari, Event Manager at the Swedish Elite Football.

The background is that the company United Minds back in 2016, on behalf of Swedish Elite Football, presented a future event strategy for Swedish elite football.

”It aims to put the visitor in the center and thereby increase the number of visitors to our football arenas, and also increase the revenue and contribute to more satisfied visitors”, says Kaveh Sarvari.

In order to measure and monitor visitor satisfaction over time, the company identified the need for a central public survey.

”We are at the beginning of that work and will make a so-called zero measurement during the fall to review how we stand in different clubs. In order to achieve the goal of increased satisfaction among visitors, the result needs to be followed and measured over time.”

Kaveh points out, however, that it is important to allow clubs to adapt the survey based on their own local conditions.

”All clubs are unique and have their own target groups and working methods. Therefore it will be important that clubs themselves get the club-specific adaptation in the survey”, says Kaveh Sarvari.

The Event Development Council was created this spring to help Swedish Elite Football by the use of the club expertise in how to make the elite football to create a sad and secure environment at the arenas. The participants in the Event Development Council comes from clubs in both Allsvenskan and Superettan and will together with Kaveh Sarvari meet a number of times a year to contribute to how Swedish elite football arrangements can and should be developed.

Those included in the Event Development Council are Josefine van Ginhoven, IFK Göteborg, Oscar Therén, IF Brommapojkarna, Tomas Af Geijerstam, Djurgårdens IF, Frederik Ericsson, Helsingborg IF, Gustav Oskarsson, AFC Eskilstuna and Sebastian Lagrell, Jönköping Södra.

The conference held in Gothenburg was the first for the Event Development Council since its establishment.