The season away tickets for Allsvenskan and Superettan is now out for sale. The season away ticket gives the owner access to all of his team away games in the season and as always there are only a limited edition to purchase.

2018 is the sixth consecutive season with the season away ticket and it is getting more popular each year. Each club gets 100 away tickets to sell at a favorable price to their fans so that they can follow all of their team games even on the away stand.

All the clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan gets 100 away tickets each, but many clubs says that the interest is so much bigger and that they probably can sell significantly more. In 2017, AIK, Djurgården, Hammarby, Malmö FF, IFK Göteborg, IFK Norrköping and Helsingborg all sold out all their cards.

The purpose of the season away ticket is to give a favorable prize for all faithful fans who travel across the country just to see their favorite team play. For 1000 SEK, averaging 67 SEK per game, the ticket holder gets access looks all the away games for his/her team in Allsvenskan and for 800 SEK (53 SEK in average) you gets to see all the away games in the Superettan. Each club in Allsvenskan and Superettan sells their own season away tickets.

The clubs keeps 50% of the sales. The other 50% are paid to the Swedish football league which then distributes the revenues evenly between the Allsvenska or Superettan clubs.