All players from the 38 participating clubs in this summer’s SEF Trophy will be educated and informed about the risks and dangers of match fixing.
”Players heading for senior football are an important group”, says Anders Wikström, anti match fixing agent for Swedish Elite Football.

SEF Trophy is a tournament for Boys 15 within the Gothia World Youth Cup tournament. 38 youth academy teams participate in SEF Trophy, which is played in its entirety in Alingsås outside Gothenburg. Anders Wikström will be in place at the Gothia Cup for the second consecutive year to educate and inform about the risks and dangers of match fixing.

”As a young player you probably not have give so much thoughts about match fixing. You play football because it is fun. By paying attention to this early, we hope to prevent future match fixing”, says Anders Wikström.

Players and leaders from the Allsvenskan and Superettan senior teams have already learned about gambling responsibilities during Anders Wikström’s previous information tours and that abuse and debts can lead to match fixing. A player or leader who receives a request to fix matches has a duty to report it. The youth players of SEF Trophy will receive the same education, adapted to their age.

Gothia Cup SEF Trophy will be played during July 15-21.