In the beginning of 2018 clubs and league representatives along with their stakeholders will attend meetings to together establish a new networking arena.
”It is really inspiring to start something exciting and hopefully really successful for all stakeholders,” says Jan Karlsson, Sales and Marketing Director at Swedish Elite Football (SEF).

The idea of a jointly cooperation was introduced to the clubs during the market conference in August. The Business Development Council of the league was together with SEF tasked with making a proposal which later on developed into an offer.

The networking arena will be an annual conference where stakeholders, the clubs, and the league with their strategic partners meet to share experiences that hopefully will make the long-term partnerships successful for all parties.

The 2018 conference will take place in Barcelona in late January. The conference will be combined with an exclusive meeting with FC Barcelona representatives delivering information from the clubs commercial activities. Under the direction of former Barcelona player and Swedish defender Patrik Andersson the participants will also attend the La Liga game between FC Barcelona and Alavés at Camp Nou.