Last year, Swedish Professional Football Leagues launched a new visual identity for Allsvenskan, including new logos, fonts and colors. This year, the next step is to roll out the identity on TV. For the first time ever, Allsvenskan will have an intro and TV graphics that follow the league’s identity.

In 2019, To celebrate the ties between the league, club and supporters among other things, club color unique league shields were put on the players’ sleeves. In 2020, Allsvenskan’s own signature melody will be launched.

”As part of the graphic project, we needed a strong sound identity for the television broadcasts. We have therefore developed a league melody and a sound ID for Allsvenskan”, says Calle Stjerna, Marketing and Brand Manager at Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

”The song will be available in many different versions depending on the context in which it will be used. But you will hear it on the arena, in our marketing and as an audio ID in radio advertising. The purpose is to create a strong recognition for the league through another mind, the hearing.”

Swedish Professional Football Leagues, together with composer Henrik Jonzon, have tried to create a modern, airy sound image based on drama, passion and pulse. An additional spice is that the single version of the song will be available for download on Spotify next week.

”We have produced a launch video for the music where we want to pay tribute to the love of football and the community it creates. Genuine feelings and closeness. At the same time, it becomes a tribute to the supportership and the realization that the supporters are our most important asset. Also, you get to see some of our TV graphics in the video as a bonus. Hope you like it”, says Calle Stjerna.

The 2020 edition of Allsvenskan, the 96th in the order, starts on Sunday.