The second unofficial Scandinavian championships will be played in Sweden this winter. U18 teams from Sweden, Norway and Denmark gather in Gothenburg in November and December to play for the title.

The Scandinavian championships is an unofficial competition between youth teams from Sweden, Norway and Denmark in order to prolong the season which in Sweden and Norway ends in November and to secure high quality matches for the youth teams. Last year Danish FC Midtjylland won the title with their U19 team after beating Norwegian Rosenborg in the final. This year the competition will be played between U18 teams.

The three countries are sending their three (Denmark two) top ranked U18 teams to the tournament and the teams will be divided into two groups with four teams each. The group stage games will be played on November 17th and 19th and December 1st.

The two group winner will face each other in a final on December 3rd while the other teams will play for place three, five and seven.

All the players is to be born in 1999 at the latest. However each team can use a maximum of three player being born in 1998.